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Idi ti obi yẹ ki o wa rẹ akọkọ idojukọ -Why parenting should be your first focus

So, my daughter has had a few play-dates with a little girl that’s a week older than her. At 6 months old they sit side-by-side babbling to each other, pulling each other’s hands and feet (it’s ever so cute). They’re both at the age of not wanting to share, so give them a packet of wipes and they could spend a good 30 mins snatching it off each other (again, it’s ever so cute).

Whilst our babies babble and play, we mums have a chinwag about life, relationships and baby classes. The little girls’ mum is in a same-sex relationship and her daughter was conceived via IVF. To my understanding, the couple didn’t lay out pros and cons before making a logical and rational decision about becoming parents. It was a simple case of both women wanting to be mums, one wanted to experience birth and the other one didn’t. However, this mum recently expressed her fears about how other parents might react towards her family dynamic, especially among friendship circles when her daughter starts school. Now we all know that children are very accepting and open, but sadly society often teaches them how to be bias. There are adults who raise their children to be hateful and intolerant towards others and this is something to consider as we raise our children.

As a teacher and now a parent, I’m a firm advocate in children socialising with people from different backgrounds whether they’re: gay, straight, conservative, liberal, Christian, Jewish or Muslim etc…in today’s day and age, I don’t believe that it’s advisable to necessarily shelter your children too much. They’ll be living in this world and they’re going to have to learn to relate to people from a wide variety of backgrounds and all walks of life.

I personally think it’s important to get to know the parents of the children and understand their lifestyle and whether or not you’re comfortable with it and I’m not solely referring to same-sex parents. For instance, there might be an independent mother who brings part-time lovers home on a regular basis, or a dad who’s involved within the pornography industry etc etc… How comfortable would you feel about your child having a play-date at their house?

Parents have a duty to train and educate their children and to also protect them emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually whilst maintaining an open heart and sharing love and respect to those who don’t necessarily share your principles. It’s important to remember that respecting people doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your values and principles. Nonetheless, you will always be your child’s most effective teacher.

This blog is open to all opinions…and I’d love to hear from you, irrespective of whether or not you have children.

If you’re a parent with very strict religious beliefs, how would you feel about your child playing with children from a different background to your own?

If you weren’t comfortable with a family’s lifestyle, do you believe that it’s appropriate to establish guidelines and reasonable boundaries from a young age?

 Please feel free to comment below, all views and opinions are welcome.