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Atunyẹwo Brush Baby – Brush Baby Review

The teething and dental wipes are also fluoride-free, which means you don’t need to rinse your baby’s mouth out afterwards.

Coming from a Nigerian family – Yoruba to be precise, putting your best forward and taking pride in your appearance is almost mandatory. Almost nothing makes a great first impression than a great smile. Therefore, dental awareness and proper dental hygiene was one of the many disciplines I grew up with at home and since becoming a mother, this has naturally been passed down to my 11-month old daughter Iman.

I started cleaning Iman’s tongue when she was 8 weeks old. Although many stated that this was unnecessary (especially as she was exclusively breast-fed), I would noticed the odd white residue on her tongue after feeding. I initially adopted the good old fashioned method of using glycerin to clean her mouth (a common method in Nigeria) until I stumbled upon Brush Baby whilst researching natural gum care for babies.

I started using Brush Baby Teething Wipes when Iman was 10 weeks old. The aim was to begin a routine of cleaning her mouth twice a day and I felt that this was a great way to start her dental hygiene journey. Recently, we have been trying out the Brush Baby Dental Wipes that we were sent to sample, and I can say that we are definitely a fan of them.

The product contains Xylitol. Before you ask, it is a natural sugar replacement which has been found to prevent the bacteria in your mouth from producing acids. The teething and dental wipes are also fluoride-free, which means you don’t need to rinse your baby’s mouth out afterwards. The wipes come packaged as little disposable sheaths that slip onto your forefinger and the method is to rub it over your baby’s gums and teeth.  It comes in a box of 28 and every wipe is sealed into sachets.

I have found the wipes super easy to use and Iman is a lot happier to let me clean her mouth with them. In fact, she knows when it’s time to clean her mouth, as she sits with her mouth readily open whilst I’m opening the sachet. Given the old-school method I adopted when Iman was newborn.

I am really grateful for Brush Baby’s Teething and Dental Wipes.  Finally, I believe that it’s important to point out that I haven’t come across any other companies addressing oral and dental care for such a very young age group. It’s vital that parents know and understand what can be done and there’s no better way than having the practical products to help, ensuring that first ‘milestone’ visit to the dentist a very happy one!

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