Ko si idajọ lati ọdọ mi – There’s no judgement from me

I’m preoccupied trying to figure out whether the wet patch on my thigh is dribble, water, a leaking boob or urine.

My life is simply preoccupied.

I’m preoccupied with motherhood, running a business, running the home oh and enjoying life all at the same time!

In between all of that, I’m constantly trying to pick the best time to tidy up without my daughter messing everything up after five minutes.

I’m preoccupied teaching my daughter good morals, values and communication skills and praying that she turns out very well.

I’m too preoccupied staring at this growing pile of ironing, tossing up the idea of shoving it all in a black bin bag or hiring someone who loves ironing for more than fifteen minutes at a time.

I’m preoccupied fighting with my one-year-old who’s trying to get into the bath for the 10th time today.

I’m preoccupied trying to figure out whether the wet patch on my thigh is dribble, water, a leaking boob or urine.

I’m too preoccupied trying to assess if that pterodactyl scream I heard was a “fun” scream or an agonising “cry.”

I’m too busy focussing on motherhood in my own backyard to worry be worrying about anyone else.

I’m not going to judge you and how you parent because THAT’S YOUR CHILD and YOUR BUSINESS.

Its none of my business because I don’t concern myself with your child(ren) the way you do. I don’t have sleepless nights over their behaviour, health, friends, school choices or food allergies. I don’t love them the way that you do. I don’t feed them, clothe them, love them or long for them like you do. In fact, I don’t really know them, nor do I know what makes them tick.

A year into motherhood and I can most certainly tell you that there is no perfect way to do this well. I’m just going with the flow when it comes to parenting and enjoying those late night hot chocolates that help me to unwind.

As mothers, if we can’t be honest and support one another, then I’m out.

I have the utmost respect for all mums.

However, the fact is, I don’t have time to be judging how you parent in your own home.


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